monument noun [ C ]

uk ​ /ˈmɒn.jə.mənt/ us ​ /ˈmɑːn.jə.mənt/

B2 a structure or building that is built to honour a special person or event:

In the square in front of the hotel stands a monument to all the people killed in the war.

ancient/historic monument

​B1 an old building or place that is an important part of a country's history:

Parts of the Berlin wall are being allowed to stand as historic monuments.


What it is all about What is all about?

Oberschöneweide Berlin, Germany

Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany


Creating a place of remebrance and a Tomb of the unknown soldier

using cement slabs of 20 kilos.

What it is all about, what is all about? Negotiating the meaning of the trace and the importance that someone gives. Personal items that were stolen or found accidentally on the street, exposed as a personal collection of the artist on the walls of under construction Jorinde Voigt’s Studio. Each one of them is called a monument and kept safe by the Greek Presidential Guard. The art pieces were transferred to the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich for security reasons.

*Parts of the project are still buried in the studio garden of Jorinde Voigt.