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Installation, 2017-2018

Rausch(e)s genitive ,
Räusche [ˈrɔyʃə ] plural(= Trunkenheit) intoxication
(= Drogenrausch) high (inf)sich dative einen Rausch antrinken=to get drunk
einen Rausch haben=to be drunk
etw im Rausch tun/sagen=to do/say sth while under the influence

(of alcohol or drink)
seinen Rausch ausschlafen=to sleep it off

Rausch is the narration of a night, or many nights, a celebration, the observation of a queer Dionysian state. Its form changes depending on the circumstance as well as by the personas that alternate and define it. It is not necessarily presented as a literal intoxication but also as an emotional one. The subject experiences a communion, a spiritual encounter that co-exists with a rapture, the division of the soul, its departure from the Sensible World. The individual limits fade away, the subjects lose their outlines and their privacy; they cling to a dissimilarity that lacks a specific shape. The body turns into a place of observation, its pulse, its signs and its facial expressions recorded. As every state of influence and intoxication evolves, it registers on the body, leaving its mark behind.

*Rausch is dedicated in memory of Zak / Zakie Oh who was brutally assassinated on September of 2018

in the center of Athens in public view.