Audience award best short film 2th Piraeus Film Festival

2 Channel video Installation

Collaboration with Christina Dimakogiannis

301 Hours of filming

9 Months

2 Countries

4 Cities

Munich almost killed me is a cinematic project based on real time.

Vera Chotzoglou & Christina Dimakogiannis were filming for 9 months at the same time in 2 different countries.

The concept of real time is being abolished. Time, place, is not the same, there is nothing common. Everything is put on a stand that nullifies the distance and recasts the time. The only thing which composes it together is the memory of a place and a series of letters.
"Munich almost killed me" is a cinematic project consisting of 3 parts.
The project created between Athens-Munich and has been edited from skype and the artists who are participated, as long as was running, they never met. The three parts of "Munich almost killed me" were presented for one time on July 2017 at the Jahreaustellung at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. The aim is to be screened in different festivals around the world, without ever «meet again»