Text Credits: Pavlina Kyrkou

monstera deliciosa; an originally tropical plant, used indoors as an aesthetic, decorative object. In this work, monstera becomes the symbol of our recent internment experience.

A state that deviated us from our familiar course, as if the world was blown away in a delirious drift and derailed, in terms of an unexpected pause. In this narration video, the indoor scenes, eliminate time and connote a state of disarray; inertia bodies, the monstera in an indoor storm, wild animals in captivity, lighting bolts, an orgasm scene, a Luchador getting prepared, an athenian balcony. The strobe lights, reveal the party echo, while the narration, focuses in monstera’ s features and care instructions. In this field of desire, reality, struggle, memory and expectation, a whole new perception of existing is emerging.

The accumulated tension, that the state of hold has brought, leads to the persistent bodies’ preparation for wrestling and crash.

An “expedition chronicle”, about this totally new context.

MONSTERA Poster by Stephanos Koutroulis