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Vera Chotzoglou is a visual artist currently working with time-based media. Her objective is to create documents, recording moments and happenings. Her artistic work is a developing process which starts with the meaning of memory and it ends with the trace that left behind. Her work is formulated and determined in consideration like time, place and space. Provided  that all this are intense instability, there is no fixed content in her work. Sometimes it can be very inner and sometimes more scathing or sarcastic. But Chotzoglou is not using memory only as a remebrance, it has a great meaning for her but it changes all the time, it can be translated as political or historical memory. Her Film and photographic works show a developing her own artistic language through which she offers the viewer to contemplate questions of place with all it’s implications of nationalities, borders, travelling from one place to another, cultural specifications and social meaning, the individual body and mind as prism for the social body, political engagement and poetic commentary.

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