General information

Vera Chotzoglou is a visual artist currently working with time- based media.
Their objective is to create documents, record moments and happenings.

Provided that all these are characterised by intense instability, there is no fixed content in their work. Through their installations, largely using film and diaristic photography, Chotzoglou’s practice is a continuous transformation procedure of their own language, alternating between social and political. Capturing snapshots of landscapes, portraits of LGBTQ+  communities or club scenes,  they create questions around the body within the present time and sociopolitical context.

Predominantly, in their artistic language, the body is not only being regarded through its physical presence, but also, allegorically as a carrier of political significance.

Thus, their approach sometimes may be very introjected and other times more scathing or sarcastic.

Except for the perceptible and presented work, from their very early career they have an “eternal” project in progress with Polaroids, which happens simultaneously; an archive that probes the action and its impact, as Chotzoglou is recording their own presence and trace within the space.  
Chotzoglou aims to create a space for the audience to contemplate their questions, answers and their return to emotion, as a future perspective.