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ESR 2 Blog October 2021: Hiu-Wai Chan

October 2021

Review of the solo show exhibition BONA FIDE #1

Text by Hiu-Wai Chan


LIFO: 5 artworks to remember from this Fall's exhibitions

December 12, 2021

Choices from the rich exhibition mobility of the season that managed to dominate the memory (GR)

Text by Yannis Constantinidis


We Imagine a new era in arts

March-May 2021
Issue No 254

Three young creators for their quests and practice.

Interview with Fotini Kapiris for "Art News" Newspaper

Photo credits: Fotini Kapiris

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"10 Contemporary breathtaking artworks you must see"

31 October 2020

Athinorama Magazine
Vera Chotzoglou presents "Rausch" (GR)

photo by Paris Tavitian

Vera Chotzoglou
"The Underground Rave scene of Athens in an atmospheric documentary film"

October 1, 2020

Interview with Meropi Kokkini for LIFO Magazine (online & Press)

Photos: Paris Tavitian

(The interview is in Greek Language)


"Athens International Film Festival.

SWEAT short film, a cinematic narration full with ferocity.

Who is the director of the film Vera Chotzoglou?"

September 26, 2020

Online interview with Yannis Panagopoulos for Fragile Magazine

Artwork Manuela Illera.png


EXTRAVAGANT MORTALS |Podcast| S1 E5 Queering the Arts - Pola Sieverding, Vera Chotzoglou and Orson

August 8, 2020

Final episode of the first season of this Podcast
“Queering the Arts”, a poetic reflection about the “white cube” discriminating dynamics. An exploration of queerness through sound and opinion.
With the special participation of
Pola Sieverding
Vera Chotzoglou

Manuela Illera, producer, director and host

(The episode is in Greek / English / German Language)

2th Piraeus Film Festival: Interview with the winners of the festival

September 2018

Interview for Classicus, Attica TV

(The Interview is in Greek with non-Greek subtitles)


"Real social media"

October 2016

Online Interview with Markos Psycharis for Fragile mag (GR)